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The differentiation of neural progenitors into the many classes of neurons that exist in the mature spinal cord is a process that relies heavily on the activation of precise combinations of transcription factors. Defining these transcription factor combinations is an important aspect of research in developmental neurobiology that promises to provide(More)
Cell-type diversity along the dorsoventral axis of the developing neural tube is influenced by factors secreted by groups of cells at the dorsal and ventral midline. Upon reception of these signals, precursor cells express specific sets of transcription factors which, in turn, play critical roles in cell-type specification. Here we report the cloning and(More)
We review investigations that have lead to a model of how the ventral spinal cord of higher vertebrate embryos is patterned during development. Central to this model is the secreted morphogen protein, Sonic hedgehog. There is now considerable evidence that this molecule acts in a concentration-dependent manner to direct the development of the spinal cord.(More)
In this report, we describe a successful protocol for isolating and expression-profiling live fluorescent-protein-labelled neurons from zebrafish embryos. As a proof-of-principle for this method, we FAC-sorted and RNA-profiled GFP-labelled spinal CiA interneurons and compared the expression profile of these cells to those of post-mitotic spinal neurons in(More)
Members of the Sox gene family encode transcription factors that have diverse and important functions during development. We have recently described the cloning of chick and mouse Sox14 and the expression of these genes in a population of ventral interneurons in the embryonic spinal cord. We report here the cloning and sequencing of the human orthologue of(More)
1. During embryonic development, a diverse array of neurons and glia are generated at specific positions along the dorsoventral and rostro-caudal axes of the spinal cord from a common pool of precursor cells. 2. This cell type diversity can be distinguished by the spatially and temporally coordinated expression of several transcription factors that are also(More)
  • A Men 'shchikov, Andrh Didelon, +74 authors A Zavagno
  • 2016
The Open University's repository of research publications and other research outputs Filamentary structures and compact objects in the Aquila and Polaris clouds observed by Herschel Journal Article (Affiliations are available in the online edition) ABSTRACT Our PACS and SPIRE images of the Aquila Rift and part of the Polaris Flare regions, taken during the(More)
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