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Skeleton and pattern based parallel programming promise significant benefits but remain absent from mainstream practice. We consider why this situation has arisen and propose a number of design principles which may help to redress it. We sketch the eSkel library, which represents a concrete attempt to apply these principles. eSkel is based on C and MPI,(More)
GPGPUs are a powerful and energy-efficient solution for many problems. For higher performance or larger problems, it is necessary to distribute the problem across multiple GPUs, increasing the already high programming complexity. In this article, we focus on abstracting the complexity of multi-GPU programming for stencil computation. We show that the best(More)
Vec is a higher-order functional language of nested arrays, which includes a general folding operation. Static computation of the shape of its programs is used to support a compositional cost calculus based on a cost monad. This, in turn, is based on a cost algebra, whose operations may be customized to handle diierent cost regimes, especially for parallel(More)
Thread mapping has been extensively used as a technique to efficiently exploit memory hierarchy on modern chip-multiprocessors. It places threads on cores in order to amortize memory latency and/or to reduce memory contention. However, efficient thread mapping relies upon matching application behavior with system characteristics. Particularly, Software(More)