Murray Alexander

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OBJECTIVE We tested whether the stellate mammographic pattern of presentation of small breast tumors is a better indicator of survival than other patterns. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients with primary invasive breast cancer diagnosed in 1993-1997 were grouped according to the size of the lesion: 0.1-0.9 cm and 1.0-1.4 cm. Each tumor was placed in one of(More)
Efficient software with the ability to display multiple neurological image datasets simultaneously with full real-time interactivity is critical for brain disease diagnosis and image-guided planning. In this paper, we describe the creation and function of a new comprehensive software platform that integrates novel algorithms and functions for multiple(More)
Brain lesions are usually located adjacent to critical spinal structures, so it is a challenging task for neurosurgeons to precisely plan a surgical procedure without damaging healthy tissues and nerves. The advancement of medical imaging technologies produces a large amount of neurological data, which are capable of showing a wide variety of brain(More)
The preoperative magnetic resonance (MR) appearance of a choledochal cyst using the saturation recovery-spin echo technique is presented along with the CT and ultrasound images. Although CT suggested the correct diagnosis of choledochal cyst, the "solid" characteristics depicted by sonography led to confusion. The MR image demonstrated a mass, similar to(More)
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