Murilo P. Almeida

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Saltation, the motion of sand grains in a sequence of ballistic trajectories close to the ground, is a major factor for surface erosion, dune formation, and triggering of dust storms on Mars. Although this mode of sand transport has been matter of research for decades through both simulations and wind tunnel experiments under Earth and Mars conditions, it(More)
Dalbergia nigra (rosewood) is a long-lived leguminous species, which is endemic to the Brazilian Atlantic forest. Because of the high economic value of its wood, this species has been over-explored in recent years. Currently, rosewood is included in the IUCN Red List as vulnerable. We examined the genetic diversity of 87 specimens of D. nigra sampled from a(More)
We investigate the airborne transport of particles on a granular surface by the saltation mechanism through numerical simulation of particle motion coupled with turbulent flow. We determine the saturated flux q(s) and show that its behavior is consistent with classical empirical relations obtained from wind tunnel measurements. Our results also allow one to(More)
Collagen and elastin are thought to dominate the elasticity of the connective tissue including lung parenchyma. The glycosaminoglycans on the proteoglycans may also play a role because osmolarity of interstitial fluid can alter the repulsive forces on the negatively charged glycosaminoglycans, allowing them to collapse or inflate, which can affect the(More)
We demonstrate the difference between local, single-particle dynamics and global dynamics of entangled quantum systems coupled to independent environments. Using an all-optical experimental setup, we showed that, even when the environment-induced decay of each system is asymptotic, quantum entanglement may suddenly disappear. This "sudden death" constitutes(More)
We perform a statistical analysis on the proportional elections held in Brazil in October 1998. We show that the distribution of votes among candidates for the whole country follows a power law N(v) is proportional to v(-alpha), with alpha=1.00+/-0.02, extending over two orders of magnitude. The voting distributions for several states of the federation also(More)
We present a proof of principle demonstration of a quantum key distribution scheme in higher-order -dimensional alphabets using spatial degrees of freedom of photons. Our implementation allows for the transmission of 4.56 bits per sifted photon, while providing improved security: an intercept-resend attack on all photons would induce an average error rate(More)
We present a Markov random field (MRF) model for digital imagescapable of representing anisotropic textures with arbitraryorientations. The discrete Hamiltonian is obtained through finitedifference discretization of a continuous elliptic operator on $$\mathcal{R}^2$$ 2;, together with a polynomial perturbation. We present the solution of a non-linear system(More)
We apply a variant of the Nosé thermostat to derive the Hamiltonian of a nonextensive system that is compatible with the canonical ensemble of the generalized thermostatistics of Tsallis. This microdynamical approach provides a deterministic connection between the generalized nonextensive entropy and power-law behavior. For the case of a simple(More)
We investigate the fluid flow through two-dimensional ramified structures by direct simulation of the Navier-Stokes equations. We show that for trees with n generations, the flow distribution strongly depends on the Reynolds number Re. Specifically, for a tree without loops the flow becomes highly heterogeneous at high Re. For a tree with loops, on the(More)