Muriel Leclercq

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OBJECTIVE The Royal Perth Hospital (RPH; Perth, Australia) has been the receiving facility for burns patients in two separate disasters. In 2002, RPH received 28 severely injured burns patients after the Bali bombing, and in 2009 RPH received 23 significantly burnt patients as a result of an explosion on board a foreign vessel in the remote Ashmore Reef(More)
The financial and human costs of hospital-acquired infections are increasingly recognised in many healthcare systems. This study seeks to quantify excess expenditures on hospital-acquired bacteraemia (HAB) in three Belgian general hospitals in 2003 and 2004. Patients with HAB were compared with patients in the same All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related(More)
In this complete documentation of the early published and unpublished reports of the medico-legal use of arthropods (forensic entomology) we give an overview over the initial work of the German and French forensic scientists Mégnin, Reinhard and Hofmann who were the founders of the discipline (since 1881) and the work performed shortly after which was(More)
Two species of tsetse flies, Glossina fuscipes fuscipes and G. morsitans submorsitans, are, for the first time, recorded from southwestern Saudi Arabia, near Gizan. This discovery is shortly discussed in relation with the presently known distribution of these species.