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The plasma membrane protein STRA6 is thought to mediate uptake of retinol from its blood carrier retinol-binding protein (RBP) into cells and to function as a surface receptor that, upon binding of holo-RBP, activates a JAK/STAT cascade. It was suggested that STRA6 signaling underlies insulin resistance induced by elevated serum levels of RBP in obese(More)
PURPOSE We report generation of a mouse model in which the STRA6 gene has been disrupted functionally to facilitate the study of visual responses, changes in ocular morphology, and retinoid processing under STRA6 protein deficiency. METHODS A null mouse line, stra6 -/-, was generated. Western Blot and immunocytochemistry were used to determine expression(More)
Vitamin A is instrumental to mammalian reproduction. Its metabolite, retinoic acid (RA), acts in a hormone-like manner through binding to and activating three nuclear receptor isotypes, RA receptor (RAR)α (RARA), RARβ, and RARγ (RARG). Here, we show that 1) RARG is expressed by A aligned (A(al)) spermatogonia, as well as during the transition from A(al) to(More)
In mammals, male sex determination is governed by SRY-dependent activation of Sox9, whereas female development involves R-spondin1 (RSPO1), an activator of the WNT/beta-catenin signaling pathway. Genetic analyses in mice have demonstrated Sry and Sox9 to be both required and sufficient to induce testicular development. These genes are therefore considered(More)
Somatic, targeted inactivation of the retinoid X receptor beta gene (Rxrb) in Sertoli cells (SC; yielding Rxrb(Ser-/-) mutants) leads to failure of spermatid release, accumulation of cholesterol esters and, subsequently, testis degeneration. These abnormalities are identical, in their nature and kinetics, to those observed upon inactivating Rxrb in the(More)
All-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) is instrumental to male germ cell differentiation, but its mechanism of action remains elusive. To address this question, we have analyzed the phenotypes of mice lacking, in spermatogonia, all rexinoid receptors (RXRA, RXRB and RXRG) or all ATRA receptors (RARA, RARB and RARG). We demonstrate that the combined ablation of RXRA(More)
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