Muriel K Corbierre

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The dispersion of polymer-covered gold nanoparticles in high molecular weight (MW) polymer matrixes is reported. Complete particle dispersion was achieved for PS125-Au in the polystyrene (PS) matrixes studied (up to and including Mn = 80 000 g/mol). PS19-Au, on the other hand, exhibits complete dispersion in a low MW PS matrix (Mn = 2000 g/mol) but only(More)
A series of polymer-coated Au nanoparticles have been prepared using the "grafting-to" approach. Thiol-terminated polystyrene and poly(ethylene oxide) ligands are found to form dense brushes on the faceted gold nanoparticle surfaces. Depending on the polymer, the ligand grafting densities on the gold nanoparticles are 1.2- to 23.5-fold greater than those(More)
X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy is employed to investigate the motion of dilute suspensions of gold nanoparticles in low-molecular-weight polystyrene melts. At high temperatures, the observed motion is diffusive, with a rate that follows a Vogel-Fulcher temperature dependence. Closer to the glass transition temperature Tg, diffusion is superseded by a(More)
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