Murat Yasar

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— Symbolic Dynamic Filtering (SDF) has been recently reported in literature as a pattern recognition tool for early detection of anomalies (i.e., deviations from the nominal behavior) in complex dynamical systems. This paper presents a comparative evaluation of SDF relative to other classes of pattern recognition tools, such as Bayesian Filters and(More)
This paper proposes a feature extraction and fusion methodology to perform fault detection and classification in distributed physical processes generating heterogeneous data. The underlying concept is built upon a semantic framework for multi-sensor data interpretation using graphical models of Probabilistic Finite State Automata (PFSA). While the(More)
UNLABELLED Acute viral myocarditis is one of the causes of heart failure. Cardiac asthma is commonly observed in elderly patients with left heart failure. If the pulmonary manifestations are prominent it can mask the involvement of heart. We report a young case of viral myocarditis mimicking acute asthma attack. CASE PRESENTATION A 27-year-old young man(More)
' This report presents an application of the recently developed theory of optimal Discrete Event Supervisory (DES) control that is based on a signed real measure of regular languages. The DES control techniques are validated on an aircraft gas turbine engine simulation test bed. The test bed is implemented on a networked computer system in which two(More)
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