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The high and very high resolution space images are often not available as original or near to original data but as geo-referenced rectified images. The geo-reference is based on the satellite position together with the known attitudes. In the case of IKONOS as lowest level product the CARTERRA Geo, a projection of the original image to a plane with constant(More)
Pléiades 1A and 1B are twin optical satellites of Optical and Radar Federated Earth Observation (ORFEO) program jointly running by France and Italy. They are the first satellites of Europe with sub-meter resolution. Airbus DS (formerly Astrium Geo) runs a MyGIC (formerly Pléiades Users Group) program to validate Pléiades images worldwide for various(More)
In 1996, a fishing port was constructed at approximately 1 km east of the Sakarya River nearby Karasu district. In the following stages, the project was turned out to a harbor extending its breakwater to 1.5 km, and the construction was completed in 2008. During the construction, it was discovered that the coastal line progressively moved into inland(More)
This paper addresses the metric accuracy potential of Ikonos Geo imagery for 2D geopositioning. For this, alternative sensor orientation models including rational functions, satellite orbital modelling and terrain relief-corrected affine transformation were used since the Ikonos camera model and the information for external parameters are not provided to(More)
Generation of orthoimages in remote sensing and photogrammetry is a common and sometimes mandatory issue. The desired georeferencing accuracy of the orthoimage depends on two main factors: accuracy of transformation parameters and density and accuracy of height information. The objective of this letter is to estimate the combined efficiency of accuracies of(More)
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M. Oruč, University of Zenica, Zenica, B and H; J. Duraković, S. Muhamedagić, University of Zenica, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Zenica, B and H; B. Fakić, M. Rimac, University of Zenica, Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“, Zenica, B and H In this paper is given the research conducted at the specified quality screws which had(More)
Buyuk Melen Watershed provides drinking water from the Western Black Sea region to Istanbul province, which Buyuk and Kucuk Melen rivers, Asar, Ugur and Aksu rivers. Many settlement areas, fertilized agricultural lands, industrial plants and solid/liquid waste dumping areas have present in Melen watershed, causing substantial pollution problems. Melen(More)
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