Murat Ogeturk

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The aim of this study was to investigate the morphological changes of the hippocampus after orchiectomy and the protective effects of testosterone on these changes. Animals were divided into 3 groups. The rats in group I were used for sham-orchiectomy. Orchiectomy was performed on the rats in group II. The rats in group III were administrated testosterone(More)
Irisin converts white adipose tissue (WAT) into brown adipose tissue (BAT), as regulated by energy expenditure. The relationship between irisin concentrations after exercise in rats compared humans after exercise remains controversial. We therefore: (1) measured irisin expression in cardiac and skeletal muscle, liver, kidney, peripheral nerve sheath and(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate the protective effects of melatonin against formaldehyde-induced neurotoxicity in prefrontal cortex of rats. For this purpose, 21 male Wistar rats were divided into three groups. The rats in Group I were used as a control, while the rats in Group II were injected every other day with formaldehyde. The rats in Group(More)
The main objective of the study has been to show whether carnosine has positive effects on liver and lung tissues of rats exposed to a range of formaldehyde concentrations, and to explore how irisin expression and antioxidant capacity are altered in these tissues by carnosine supplementation. Sprague-Dawley type male rats were divided into 8 groups with 6(More)
E ssential oils (EO) are volatile odors obtained from various plants. Their usage dates from ancient India and Egypt, and they have been used for more than 5 thousand years. The EO can be produced by distillation, expression, and CO 2 high-pressure methods. Today, they are widely used for esthetic and therapeutic purposes by inhalation, oral administration,(More)
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