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The purpose of the present study was to examine the dimensions of Spreitzer's Psychological Empowerment Scale for Turkish-speaking people. The scale was tested with a group of undergraduate students in Turkey (N = 214; M age = 22.6 yr., SD = 1.5, range = 19-27). Cronbach coefficient alpha was .84. By using maximum likelihood analysis with oblique rotation,(More)
In the present study the dimensions and factorial structure of the Psychological Empowerment Scale for a sample of 173 restaurant service employees from 20 restaurants in the USA were analyzed, using principal axis factor analysis. The analysis indicated a two-factor solution for the scale with Cronbach alpha of .91 and .89. These factors were labeled(More)
The Dyadic Trust Scale, previously adapted for a range of applications in organizational research, was translated into Turkish in this study and evaluated with a sample of 117 service employees (69 men and 48 women), whose mean age was 21.5 yr. (SD = 1.8). The internal consistency of the Turkish version was estimated with a Cronbach alpha of .90.(More)
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