Murat Gurun

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INTRODUCTION The impact of a urology oncology nurse specialist in the practice environment to assist with both pre and postoperative education needs of men undergoing genitourinary surgery for cancer was evaluated. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to improve the preoperative process and teaching for men planning surgery for genitourinary cancers, including the(More)
Although some authors question the validity of the diagnosis of dermoid cyst of the testis, it does seem to be identical to tumors seen in the ovary and is distinct from a mature teratoma of the testis. Previous cases have described variants of the "classical" dermoid cyst, including noncutaneous teratomatous elements: bone, cartilage, respiratory(More)
People with cancer in the UK should have access to a full spectrum of services. The role of the clinical nurse specialist is an important part of this development. In the specialty of urology/oncology, this role is still a relatively new development although the incidence of urological malignancy readily compares with other site-specific cancers.
167 Background: Prostate cancer is the second most common malignancy in men worldwide with 910,000 cases registered in 2008. The prognosis for low-risk prostate cancer patients remains excellent and arguably the majority may either not require radical treatment or may benefit from deferred radical treatment. Active surveillance involves serial(More)
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