Murat Gürses

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UNLABELLED Presented case was a 2-year-old baby girl who had been treated for nearly one year with the indication of multifocal epileptiform anomaly. She was found dead in her bed in morning hours, autopsy was planned after prosecutors investigation. On internal autopsy examination, shrinkage of gyral structures in the frontal, and parietal lobes of the(More)
Myocardial bridging is a congenital coronary pathology described as a segment of coronary artery which courses through the myocardial wall beneath the muscle bridge. Although the myocardial bridging prognosis is benign, have been also reported sudden death in medical literature. ¬A 30-year-old married woman was found dead at her home. After local(More)
Firearm-related injuries are a major problem worldwide, in forensic medicine practice. and unusual presentation of bullet trajectory can create surgical or medico-legal diagnostic problems. A 23-year-old man suffered two gunshot wounds, was taken to emergency department immediately after the incident. Physical examination revealed two entrance gunshot(More)
Our case was a twenty year-old man, who was injured during the military duty with G3 infantry rifle in the training area. An atypical firearm entry wound on the left side of sternum which was 4.5 cm in diameter, and was surrounded by six irregular skin burn wounds by a flash-suppressor and a 0.7 cm diameter firearm exit wound at space on the left(More)
Craniocerebral penetrating non-missile injuries caused by metallic foreign bodies are uncommon events. Healthy 10 year-old boy applied to the hospital emergency service with his parents. Family members stated that the scissors have been stalled his head accidentally by his sister when they had played together. During physical examination the scissors(More)
Coronary artery anomalies rarely detected in autopsy series and angiograms can be a component of complex malformations, besides, can be also associated with sudden cardiac death. Presented case was 22-year-old male, who had suddenly fainted during a football match played on artificial turf, he was transferred into the hospital, however had died during(More)
Magnesite (MgCO3) is a mineral which is theoretically composed of 52.2% CO2, 47.8% MgO, and very scarce amounts of Fe2O3 with a degree of hardness varying between 3.4-4.5 kgf, and specific gravity of 2.9-3.1 g/cm(3). Its color varies between white, yellow or gray, and brown. Magnesite is used in agriculture, and drug industry, brick, iron-steel, paper, and(More)
Barotraumas and decompression sickness are the two most well-known complications of diving. First presented case was 32 year-old male with recreational diver, who was found floating prone position on the bottom of sea in a depth of 33 m. He had been carried to the surface in a controlled ascent. Second case was a 39 year-old male experienced dive instructor(More)
Liposarcoma is very rare mesenchymal tumor that occurs in deep soft tissue and mostly seen in limbs and retroperitoneum, accounts for 24% of extremity and 45% of retroperitoneal soft tissue sarcomas. Retroperitoneal liposarcomas are typically present with advanced disease and often carry a poor prognosis. Retroperitoneal liposarcomas grow slowly in the very(More)
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