Murat Gönen

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To evaluate the accuracy of cardiac output measurement obtained by a new continuous thermodilution cardiac output (CCO) pulmonary artery catheter compared to intermittent thermodilution (TCO) and the direct Fick method. Prospective open trial. University hospital, intensive care unit. 23 patients (15 surgical, 8 non-surgical) were monitored with the(More)
PURPOSE In this study, we present our experience using balloon and Amplatz dilatation to establish a percutaneous tract. We also discuss advantages and risk factors of both techniques. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed medical records of 229 patients who had undergone 235 percutaneous nephrolithotomy procedures. The nephrostomy tract had(More)
The purpose of this study is to establish and validate a methodology for estimating the standard deviation of voxels with large activity concentrations within a PET image using replicate imaging that is immediately available for use in the clinic. To do this, ensembles of voxels in the averaged replicate images were compared to the corresponding ensembles(More)
Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) limited to penis is rare and usually observed in AIDS patients. However, in circumcised and HIV-seronegative patients, KS confined to the penis is extremely rare. We present the case of an HIV-seronegative and circumcised 55-year-old man, who presented with two reddish papules, one 5 mm in diameter on the coronal sulcus near the(More)
Objective: To evaluate cardiac performance following coronary artery surgery using two different techniques of cardioplegia¶Design: Randomized prospective study¶Setting: Adult cardiothoracic intensive care unit in a university hospital¶Study population: Thirty patients undergoing isolated coronary surgery¶Interventions: Patients were randomized to receive(More)
Respiratory alkalosis, produced by mechanical ventilation, has been identified as a cause of hypoxemia, which improves when PaCO2 is normalized or increased. Moreover, moderate hypercapnia has been suggested for the treatment of acute respiratory failure (ARF) by the results observed in experimental animals. To correct the situation of hyperventilation one(More)
?ulmo~~1 ~ap1ration of gastric aetter is a serious complicn~ion that occur during anaesthetic induction in pa tients subl2li tted 'to entergency surger,.. with lIf'ull stomach": The severity of it depends 00 the yollJnle and pH of t.he vaa-, pirated ~luid. The mortalit1 rate is ~. N~erous techniques haY~ been described dealing to avoid this. comp j t ca t(More)
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