Murat Fahrioglu

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Demand relief from customers can help a utility solve a variety of problems. There exist all sorts of different demand management programs that utilities use. A critical issue is the incentive paid to the customer to participate in demand management programs and provide load relief. The utility has to design cost effective yet attractive demand management(More)
In times of stress customers can help a utility by means of voluntary demand management programs if they are offered the right incentives. The incentives offered can be optimized if the utility can estimate the outage or substitution costs of its customers. This report illustrates how existing utility data can be used to predict customer demand management(More)
Nigeria has been plagued with acute power shortages due to poor performance of its power sector. Several policies and reforms have been implemented by the government to address the poor performance of the power generation, transmission and distribution sectors of the electricity industry. Also various strategies were employed by the government which(More)
The increased deregulation of electricity markets in most nations of the world in recent years has made it imperative that electricity utilities design accurate and efficient mechanisms for determining locational marginal price (LMP) in power systems. This paper presents a comparison of two soft computing-based schemes: Artificial neural networks and(More)
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