Murat Ersen Berberler

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In this paper, we consider the vertex separator problem. Given an undirected graph G, the vertex separator problem consists in identifying a minimum number of vertex set whose removal disconnects G. We present a new mathematical model for solving this problem and also present computational results on graphs with various density. Keywords— connectivity;(More)
The fact that the demands which could be labelled as “luxurious” in the past times, have became requirements makes it inevitable that the service providers do new researches and prepare alternative plans under harsh competition conditions. In order to provide the customers with the services in terms of the committed standards by taking the possible damages(More)
In this study, Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM) is applied to solve linear and nonlinear boundary value problems with particular significance in structural engineering and fluid mechanics. These problems are used as mathematical models in viscoelastic and inelastic flows, deformation of beams and plate deflection theory. Comparison is made between the exact(More)
In this paper, The Multidimensional Knapsack Problem (MKP) which occurs in many different applications is studied and a genetic algorithm to solve the MKP is proposed. Unlike the technique of the classical genetic algorithm, initial population is not randomly generated in the proposed algorithm, thus the solution space is scanned more efficiently. Moreover,(More)
Since notion of smart city and related applications have become very common recently, local governments have an urge to use computers and high technology in their public transportation systems. A typical example is planning optimal journeys for travelers depending on different parameters. In this work, a graph model and a solution method based on well-known(More)
In this paper, four new heuristics are proposed in order to solve the traveling salesman problem. Comparisons are made between the results obtained from those heuristics. A new version of 2-opt and 3-opt methods are developed namely as 2-opt + 3-opt Shifting method. In addition, a new hybrid algorithm based on NN and Greedy algorithms is proposed.(More)
In this paper, a solution method for classical fair division problem utilizing cut-and-choose protocol has been examined and a new method has been suggested in order to eliminate the deficiencies of that method. Furthermore, the problem has been generalized and mathematical models have been written according to oddness or evenness of the number of persons(More)
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