Murat Ersan

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We describe a program that uses statistical information on word-usage to perform syntactic disambiguation, and show that the use of this information signiicantly improves performance. The bulk of the paper, however, attempts to answer the question: what did the program learn that would account for this improvement? We show that the program has learned many(More)
Situation theory is a mathematical theory of meaning introduced by Jon Barwise and John Perry. It has evoked great theoretical and practical interest and motivated the framework of a few `computational' systems. PROSIT is the pioneering work in this direction. Unfortunately, there is a lack of real-life applications on these systems and this study is a(More)
We describe an experimental approach toward implementing a commonsense ``microthe ory’ ’ for buying and se lling. Our prototype system characterize s how inte lligent agents hold items and money, how they buy and se ll items, and the way money and items are transfe rred. The ontology of the . system include s mone y cash, che ck, credit card , agents people(More)
In this paper we tried to describe some implemented programs that extract gram­ matical information about English from a large untagged corpus. Using statistical techniques we generated the case frames of verbs, and the obligatory and optional prepositions attached to nouns and adjectives, which we believe are of great impor­ tance for parsers and(More)
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