Murat Bozkurt

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BACKGROUND The corona mortis is defined as the vascular connections between the obturator and external iliac systems. While detailed information on the arterial anastomoses in corona mortis is available, a complete description of the venous system is lacking. Although the tiny anastomoses behind the pubic symphysis between the obturator and external iliac(More)
We arthroscopically resected the impinged distal fascicle of the anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament (AIT-FL) in 21 patients (mean age 31 (11-68) years, 14 women) with chronic ankle pain after an ankle sprain. Clinical tests revealed moderate laxity in 2 and severe laxity in another 2, the remaining 17 ankles showing only mild laxity. During(More)
Ischiofemoral impingement (IFI) is the entrapment of the quadratus femoris muscle (QFM) between the trochanter minor of the femur and the ischium-hamstring tendon. Patients with IFI generally present with hip pain, which may radiate toward the knee. Although there is no specific diagnostic clinical test for this disorder, the presence of QFM edema/fatty(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of stability and glenopolar angle on the clinical outcome of conservatively treated scapular neck fractures. Eighteen patients with scapular neck fractures were treated with conservative treatment. Twelve of the 18 patients had surgical neck fractures, whilst six of them had anatomical neck fractures.(More)
Although bone bruises have been well described in the knee joint, little is known about their presence in the ankle joint. The present study attempted to document the association of bone bruises with lateral ankle sprains. Magnetic resonance (MR) images were obtained from 60 consecutive patients with lateral ankle sprains between April 1994 and June 1995.(More)
The purpose of this study is to determine the surgical anatomy and innervation pattern of the branches of the axillary nerve and discuss the clinical importance of the presented findings. We dissected 30 shoulders in 15 fixed adult cadavers under a microscope through anterior and posterior approaches. The axillary nerve was examined in 2 segments in(More)
The superficial palmar communicating branch between the ulnar and median nerves, the ramus communicans (RC), has been investigated by anatomical dissections in 30 hands of 15 cadavers in the Turkish population. A communicating branch between the ulnar and median nerves was found in 18 hands (60%). It was classified into 4 types: Type 1-RC emerging from the(More)
1. This paper reviews the use of botanical extracts in the control of coccidial infection in poultry. 2. Some plants and their respective volatile oils and extracts have the potential to alleviate coccidiosis and reduce its severity. 3. Most plant bioactives improve some, but not all, aspects of coccidiosis with variable effectiveness against different(More)
In total, 432 thirty-six-week-old laying hens were fed a basal diet supplemented with mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) or an essential oil mixture (EOM) from 36 to 51 wk of age. Hens were divided into 3 equal groups replicated 6 times with 24 hens per replicate. No significant difference was observed among the dietary treatments in terms of performance indices.(More)
The purpose of this study is to describe the elastographic appearance of the Achilles tendon in healthy subjects and patients with surgically repaired complete ruptures. Nineteen Achilles tendons of 16 amateur footballers with surgically repaired complete ruptures and their contralateral asymptomatic Achilles tendons were assessed with ultrasound and(More)