Murat Biçer

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OBJECTIVE To describe aspects of the natural history and pathophysiology of coronary arteriovenous fistula and to propose potential treatment strategies. METHODS Eleven adult patients were treated surgically for coronary arteriovenous fistulas (8 male, 3 female) during the last three years. Mean age was 48,7 +/- 9,5 years (range 32-65 years). Diagnosis(More)
Venous thromboembolus is an important cause of hospital acquired morbidity and mortality. Venous thrombosis is a very rare occurrence in patients with haemophilia A. The thrombosis originated from the right main and external iliac veins, and effects the cranial segments of the main, deep and superficial femoral veins as an acute phase thrombus. Neither any(More)
Cardiac papillary fibroelastoma is a rare, benign cardiac tumor. It often arises from valvular endocardium, and non-valvular endocardial location is rare. Although transthoracic echocardiography is usually sufficient for the diagnosis of most cardiac tumors, small tumors such as papillary fibroelastoma may be missed. Transesophageal echocardiography is(More)
BACKGROUND Aortic distensibility is an elasticity index of the aorta, and reflects aortic stiffness. Coronary artery disease has been found to be substantially associated with increased aortic stiffness. In this study we aimed to retrospectively analyze the association of angiographically determined aortic distensibility with the patency rates of coronary(More)
INTRODUCTION Aortic diameters, aortic distensibility, microalbuminuria, coronary artery disease which are all together related to vascular aging are investigated in this paper. METHODS Eighty consecutive nondiabetic patients undergoing elective coronary angiography were enrolled into the study. Systolic and diastolic aortic diameters, aortic(More)
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Abstract: The discovery by the ATLAS and CMS experiments of a new boson with mass around 125 GeV and with measured properties compatible with those of a Standard-Model Higgs boson, coupled with the absence of discoveries of phenomena beyond(More)
BACKGROUND Constrictive pericarditis is a rare and disabling disease that can result in chronic fibrous thickening of the pericardium. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the long-term outcomes following treatment of constrictive pericarditis by pericardiectomy. METHODS Between September 1992 and May 2014, 47 patients who underwent pericardiectomy(More)
Aim: We aimed to report our postoperative results in elderly patients that had off-pump coronary bypass grafting. Method: Data of 173 patients with isolated coronary bypass 70 years of age or older were retrospectively evaluated. One month follow-up data were evaluated in all patients. After getting verbal informed consent a total of 91 patients were(More)
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