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A supervised method is proposed for automated segmentation of vessels in fundus images of retina. This method is used to detect the retinal diseases by extracting the retinal vasculature utilizing 9-D feature vector based on orientation analysis of gradient vector field, morphological transformation, line strength measures, and Gabor filter responses. The(More)
Between June 1984 and May 1986, 13 Hickman catheters were introduced in 11 patients for the treatment of acute leukaemia. The catheters remained in situ for a mean period of 77 days (range 1-180). Two of the patients developed haematomas at the entry site and one patient had a blockage of the catheter due to a blood clot which required intervention. Six(More)
he cyanide process for electrodeposition of zinc is increasingly being replaced by chloride and noncyanide processes. The chloride baths have found T practical applications over the past few years. With a propercombination of brighteneradditives, these baths produce bright, leveled deposits that readily accept a chromate finish.' These baths have certain(More)
One-fourth of Plasmodium falciparum proteins have asparagine repeats that increase the propensity for aggregation, especially at elevated temperatures that occur routinely in malariainfected patients. We report that a Plasmodium Asn repeat-containing protein (PFI1155w) formed aggregates in mammalian cells at febrile temperatures, as did a yeast Asn/Gln-rich(More)
Network-on-chip (NoC) architecture grants the communication frame work for SoC design .The Performance dominating factors of NoC are architecture, node’s size, and the routing algorithm. Various routing algorithms are proposed for the router design in Network on chip(NoC).According to the requirements of NoC application, analysis and simulations for various(More)
Objective: To demonstrate whether clove oil enhances the antibacterial effect of intracanal medicaments. Methods: Materials used include clove oil, Enterococcus faecalis microorganism, intracanal medicaments (metronidazole, ciprofloxacin, clindamycin, and calcium hydroxide), agar plates, motor, pestle, weighing machine, propylene glycol, glass slab, scale.(More)
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