Muralidhar Medidi

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Localization, an important challenge in wireless sensor networks , is the process of sensor nodes self-determining their position. The difficulty encountered is in cost-effectively providing acceptable accuracy in localization. The potential for the deployment of high density networks in the near future makes scalability a critical issue in localiza-tion.(More)
Bluetooth is a promising new wireless technology that enables portable devices to form short-range multi-hop wireless ad-hoc networks. Bluetooth Scatternet Formation is one of the challenges that needs to be resolved. In this paper, we present a new, distributed Bluetooth mesh scatternet formation algorithm. The generated scatternet is a connected mesh(More)
Mobile Ad-hoc networks (MANETs) are inherently prone to security attacks, with node mobility being the primary cause in allowing security breaches. This makes the network susceptible to Byzantyne faults with packets getting misrouted or dropped. This paper proposes solutions using an unobtrusive monitoring technique to locate malicious or faulty nodes that(More)