Murali Srinivasan

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this single - blind, multicenter, parallel, randomized controlled trial was to evaluate the effectiveness of the application of a high-fluoride toothpaste on root caries in adults. METHODS Adult patients (n = 130, ♂ = 74, ♀ = 56; mean age ± SD: 56.9 ± 12.9) from three participating centers, diagnosed with root caries, were randomly(More)
OBJECTIVE This in vitro study evaluated the influence of implant angulations on the retentive behavior of two overdenture attachments during cyclic dislodging. METHODS Models simulating a two-implant overdenture situation were fabricated. They were divided into five groups based on their simulated implant angulations (Groups: 1 = 0°; 2 = 20°; 3 = 30°; 4 =(More)
  • Hamdan, Nm, +8 authors Genf Schweiz
  • 2016
stability of injection and conventional processing of denture base acrylic resin. Cad/cam fabricated complete dentures: Concepts and clinical methods of obtaining required morphological data. A survey of complete denture patients experiencing difficulties with their prostheses. Do implant overdentures improve dietary intake? A randomized clinical(More)
PURPOSE The study aimed to investigate the personality judgments made by observers of elderly individuals with different dental appearances. MATERIALS AND METHODS A random sample of 120 elderly (57 men, 63 women; third age: n = 51, mean age: 68.6 ± 5.0 years; fourth age: n = 69, mean age: 85.8 ± 3.0 years) and 120 young (54 men, 66 women; mean age: 24.9 ±(More)
It is been my pleasure to interact with you through this newsletter. I am writing to you with my capacity as Consultant with Computer Society of India, Education Directorate, and Chennai. There were some problems in bringing out a couple of issues of Whizkidd due to some unavoidable changes. We would like to have some changes in the magazine. We wanted to(More)
Although palatal augmentation prostheses (PAPs) can improve dysphagia, their application is compromised in the absence of maxillary abutment teeth. Experimental lingual plates (ELPs) used for raising the tongue may be employed as alternative to PAPs. Influence of different ELP designs, plateau (P–type) and drop-shaped (D–type), on the intra–oral pressure(More)
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