Murali Shanmugasundaram

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In this paper we have discussed about various fault tolerant task scheduling algorithm for multi core system based on hardware and software. Hardware based algorithm which is blend of Triple Modulo Redundancy and Double Modulo Redundancy, in which Agricultural Vulnerability Factor is considered while deciding the scheduling other than EDF and LLF scheduling(More)
In the virtual and widely distributed network, the process of handover sensitive data from the distributor to the trusted third parties always occurs regularly in this modern world. It needs to safeguard the security and durability of service based on the demand of users. The idea of modifying the data itself to detect the leakage is not a new approach.(More)
In recent years Intelligent Smart Home System has become one of the main applications of Wireless Sensor Networks. In this paper a low cost, low power smart home system using ZIGBEE, GSM, sensors (smoke, IR motion sensors) and RFID has been presented. ZIGBEE is a new short distance, low data rate wireless network technology. It is built on the IEEE 802.15.4(More)
— We present a technique to drastically reduce the simulation time of current-steering DACs, while maintaining the accuracy of a full transistor level simulation. Time varying current controlled current sources (implemented in Verilog-A) are used to simplify the thermometer portion of the DAC, thereby reducing device count and simulation time. A comparison(More)
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