Murali Jayapala

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A template for reconfigurable instruction set processors is described. This template defines a design space that enables the exploration of processors potentially suitable for flexible, power and cost efficient implementations of embedded multimedia applications, such as video compression in a hand held device. The template is based on a VLIW processor with(More)
Reduced energy consumption is one of the most important design goals for embedded application domains like wireless, multimedia and biomedical. Instruction memory hierarchy has been proven to be one of the most power hungry parts of the system. This paper introduces an architectural enhancement for the instruction memory to reduce energy and improve(More)
Current loop buffer organizations for very large instruction word processors are essentially centralized. As a consequence, they are energy inefficient and their scalability is limited. To alleviate this problem, we propose a clustered loop buffer organization, where the loop buffers are partitioned and functional units are logically grouped to form(More)
For multimedia applications, loop buffering is an efficient mechanism to reduce the power in the instruction memory of embedded processors. In particular, <i>software controlled clustered loop buffers</i> are energy efficient. However current compilers for VLIW do not fully exploit the potentials offered by such a clustered organization This paper presents(More)