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The World Wide Web (WWW) continues to grow at an astounding rate in both the sheer volume of traffic and the size and complexity of Web sites. The complexity of tasks such as Web site design, Web server design, and of simply navigating through a Web site has increased along with this growth. An important input to these design tasks is the analysis of how a(More)
The rapid growth of the Web in terms of Web sites and their users during the last decade has put lots of pressure for Web site owners in reducing the latency of Web pages. Web caching and Web pre-fetching are two important techniques used to tackle these problems and reduce the noticeable response time perceived by users. These two techniques complement(More)
Web caching and Web pre-fetching are two important techniques for improving the performance of Web based information retrieval system. These two techniques would complement each other, since Web caching provides temporal locality whereas Web pre-fetching provides spatial locality of Web objects. However, if the web caching and pre-fetching are integrated(More)
—Login to the remote server over unreliable insecure network demands secured password a secured password authentication with less computational cost. We have proposed a remote user authentication scheme based on ECC that establish strong authentication with key agreement. As the password verifier table is vulnerable to security attacks and the bilinear(More)
Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) plays an important role in the process industries. It helps for maintaining the temperature of the liquid in the reactors. This paper deals with the comparison of adaptive control and conventional PID control in CSTR process. In the adaptive control, Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) and Self-Tuning Regulator(More)
The Indian textile industry is structurally flawed and its efficiency and growth depends upon the corrective measures and their effectiveness. This process of improving the structural aspects of the industry was initiated in the 1985 Textile Policy, which for the first time took a sectoral view of the industry. The government is spelling out the need for an(More)
Breast Cancer is the most common incursive cancer which is found in females all through the world. Of all the female cancers it comprises of 16% and it accounts for 22.9% of invasive cancer in women. of all the cancer deaths 18.2% are from breast cancer which includes males and females.. As the modern science is improving many researches and techniques have(More)