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—This paper introduces a clocking scheme that can be applied in magnetic field-coupled computing devices made from Co/Pt multilayers. The clocking wires are buried under the magnetic computing layer. Oscillating currents running through these wires generate an easy-axis field in the plane of the magnets. We show that this field can propagate signals between(More)
Raster-scan optoacoustic mesoscopy (RSOM) comes with high potential for in vivo diagnostic imaging in dermatology, since it allows for high resolution imaging of the natural chromophores melanin, and hemoglobin at depths of several millimeters. We have applied ultra-wideband RSOM, in the 10-160 MHz frequency band, to image healthy human skin at distinct(More)
Biology requires observations at multiple geometrical scales, a feature that is not typically offered by a single imaging modality. We developed a hybrid optical system that not only provides different contrast modes but also offers imaging at different geometrical scales, achieving uniquely broad resolution and a 1000-fold volume sampling increase compared(More)
Optoacoustic imaging is a rapidly expanding field for the diagnosis, characterization, and treatment evaluation of cancer. However, the availability of tumor specific exogenous contrast agents is still limited. Here, we report on a small targeted contrast agent for optoacoustic imaging using a black hole quencher® (BHQ) dye. The sonophore BHQ-1 exhibited(More)
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