Murad Al Haj

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Head pose estimation is a critical problem in many computer vision applications. These include human computer interaction, video surveillance, face and expression recognition. In most prior work on heads pose estimation, the positions of the faces on which the pose is to be estimated are specified manually. Therefore, the results are reported without(More)
We propose a novel pose-invariant face recognition approach which we call Discriminant Multiple Coupled Latent Subspace framework. It finds the sets of projection directions for different poses such that the projected images of the same subject in different poses are maximally correlated in the latent space. Discriminant analysis with artificially simulated(More)
Face detection and tracking, through image sequences, are primary steps in many applications such as video surveillance, human computer interface, and expression analysis. Many currently existing techniques don’t perform well due to pose variations, appearance changes, illumination changes, complex backgrounds, and inaccurate initialization. The last short(More)
An interactive system, PIXEE, was developed to promote greater emotional expression in image-based social media. Images shared on social media were projected onto a large interactive display at public events. A multimodal interface displayed the sentiment analysis of images and invited viewers to express their emotional responses. Viewers could adjust the(More)
In this paper we describe a novel approach to reactive tracking of moving targets with a pan-tilt-zoom camera. The approach uses an extended Kalman filter to jointly track the object position in the real world, its velocity in 3D and the camera intrinsics, in addition to the rate of change of these parameters. The filter outputs are used as inputs to PID(More)
In this report, a novel face detection method is presented. Face detection is a primary step in many applications such as face recognition, video surveillance, human computer interface, and expression recognition. Many existing detection techniques suffer under scale variation, pose variation (frontal vs. profile), illumination changes, and complex(More)
A simple method for multiple camera calibration based on a novel geometric derivation is presented. The main advantage of this method is that it uses only three points in the world coordinate system to achieve the calibration. Rotation matrix and translation vector for each camera coordinate system are obtained via the given distance between the vertices of(More)
In this paper we present a robust and efficient method to overcome the negative effects of occlusion in the tracking process of multiple agents. The proposed approach is based on the matching of multiple trajectories from multiple views using spatial and temporal information. These trajectories are represented as consecutive points of a joint ground plane(More)
In this article, we study the existence and the uniqueness of traveling waves for a discrete reaction-diffusion equation with bistable non-linearity, namely a generalization of the fully overdamped Frenkel-Kontorova model. This model consists in a system of ODE’s which describes the dynamics of crystal defects in a lattice solids. Under very poor(More)