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Common bean is a major source of protein for many people worldwide. However, the crop is often subjected to drought conditions and its advantage in undertaking symbiotic nitrogen fixation can be severely decreased. The primary objective of this study was to compare the resistance of nitrogen fixation of 12 selected genotypes to soil drying. Twelve common(More)
Vapour pressure deficit (VPD) is considered an important environmental factor that might affect leaf expansion and transpiration rate (TR) in plants. Two slow-wilting soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) genotypes PI 416937 and PI 471938 along with commercial cultivar Hutcheson were subjected to low (1.2-1.6 kPa) and high VPD (2.8-3 kPa) environments to study(More)
Limiting the transpiration rate (TR) of a plant under high vapor pressure deficit (VPD) has the potential to improve crop yield under drought conditions. The effects of elevated VPD on the expression of genes in the leaves of three soybean accessions, Plant Introduction (PI) 416937, PI 471938 and Hutcheson (PI 518664) were investigated because these(More)
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