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The gas electricity generation is not only alleviating the present energy tight situation in our country, but also is one of the most effective ways to comprehensible use gas resources. A remote monitoring system for gas-combustion generator units based on Power Builder is presented in this information of paper. The system can remote control units start-up(More)
Cavities are one of the typical defects resulting in partial discharges (PDs) in extruded power cables. This paper focuses on studying the PD characteristics of arbitrary dielectric bounded cavities and electrode bounded cavities embedded in EPR insulation, such as PD distribution, PD inception and extinction voltage, under different type of testing(More)
This paper describes a comprehensive computer network system based on question bank, examination for electrical and electronic. It is developed by our teaching and research section. The selecting, doing and marking test items has been all completed by computer, which has made reform of electrics and electronics technology enter a new stage.
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