Munyoung Lee

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In content-oriented networking, content files are typically cached in network nodes, and hence how to cache content files is crucial for the efficient content delivery and cache storage utilization. In this paper, we propose a content caching scheme, WAVE, in which the number of chunks to be cached is adjusted based on the popularity of the content. In(More)
Since Internet routers are not aware of the contents being forwarded, the same content file is often delivered multiple times inefficiently. Similarly, users cannot exploit a nearby copy of the content of interest unless the content file is serviced by costly content delivery networks. Prior studies on the content-aware routing for efficient content(More)
As delivering contents has become the dominant usage of Internet, the efficient content distribution is being one of the hottest research areas in network community. In future network, it is anticipated that network entities such as routers will be equipped with in-network storage due to the trend of ever-decreasing storage cost. In this paper, we propose a(More)
As the high speed Internet and the smart devices become prevalent, it is expected that the traffic volume of the video conferencing/broadcasting on the mobile devices is increasing explosively. One of the promising solutions for the traffic explosion problem is the content centric networking (CCN), which solves the problem by focusing on the content instead(More)
The increasing mobile traffic is becoming a serious concern for mobile network providers. To address the traffic explosion problem, there have been a lot of efforts to offload the traffic from cellular networks to other networks, such as WiFi hotspots and femtocells. In this paper, we explore the potential benefits of vehicular networks for data offloading(More)
Accessing contents from mobile devices becomes more and more proliferated and hence the need for the content distribution in the pervasive environment is growing. However, distributing contents in such environments taxes wireless network operators substantially. To provide the content distribution service in a reasonable cost, we pay attention to(More)
As an important part of the Internet economy, online markets have gained much interest in research community as well as industry. Researchers have studied various aspects of online markets including motivations of consumer behaviors on online markets. However, due to the lack of log data of consumers' online behaviors including their purchase, it has not(More)
The IEEE 802.15.5 standard for WPAN mesh adds mesh links to a tree structure for efficient communications for unicast routing. However, for multicasting, the basic tree routing scheme which does not exploit mesh links is adopted, which leads to inefficient multicasting. In this paper, we propose ‘MTM (Multicast Tree with Mesh)’ routing scheme(More)
Content-Centric Networking (CCN) re-designs the Internet architecture in a clean-slate manner. Benefits of CCN have attracted research communities to develop novel schemes to enhance a performance of original CCN architecture. In CCN, a content file consists of multiple chunks, and thus if a user retrieves content chunks from multiple paths, a content(More)