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Rapid advancements in technology and changes in cost have made the game industry a profitable area. Recently, Mobile Broadband Wireless Access technology-based (MBWA) games have been introduced into the marketplace. They are superior to current mobile games in terms of transmission speed and price and to older online games that have limited mobility. Since(More)
Mobile Government is one of the new and important developments in e-government. The promise of m-government to provide greater access to government information is progressing in many developed and developing countries. Current mobile government does not exploit the full potential of available technology. Research shows there is a lack of a perfect killer(More)
Convergence is a key word in all of industries as well as telecommunication industry recently. The most noted case is media (specially, broadcasting) and IT convergent one in Korea. The reason is that broadcasting is under the influence of IT technology development trajectory such as digitalized, broadband, interactive and so on. For example, there are(More)
In this paper, new concept of value proposition for m-commerce is set up based on the study on previous value propositions for m-commerce, and clustering a great number of m-commerce applications by 4 sectors. These 4-sector applications are evaluated by 17 detail propositions. Then these propositions are reorganized structurally by factor analysis, of(More)