Munirul M. Haque

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Mutual collaboration plays a vital role in sharing of resources in an ad hoc network of handheld devices in a pervasive computing environment. Effective sharing of resources is facilitating tiny pervasive devices to benefit from situations which otherwise would not have been possible due to several limitations (such as poor storage and computational(More)
0164-1212/$ see front matter 2009 Elsevier Inc. A doi:10.1016/j.jss.2009.09.040 * Corresponding author. Tel.: +1 414 288 5222; fax E-mail addresses: (S.I. A (M.M. Haque), (M.E. Hoqu (F. Rahman), (N. Talukder The rapid decrease in the size of mobile devices, coupled with an increase in(More)
The widespread prevalence of pervasive devices and applications has raised the concerns of privacy. Granting Access to Resources and Context sensitive information causes information leakage through inference or obfuscation. Again, the open and dynamic collaborative environment of pervasive computing has rendered the traditional access control models like(More)
Portable devices have become day-to-day necessities in our lives. These devices have several critical constraints due to their small size and environment, relying on the importance of middleware in the pervasive computing environment. The significance of security is well-known in this field and it is long overdue to have middleware in the pervasive(More)
Million of wireless device users are ever on the move, becoming more dependent on their PDAs, smart phones, and other handheld devices. With the advancement of pervasive computing, new and unique capabilities are available to aid mobile societies. The wireless nature of these devices has fostered a new era of mobility. Thousands of pervasive devices are(More)
The number of people over age 65 will almost double by 2030 and as they age, they generally prefer to remain in their home or go to a nursing home. There are a variety of reasons for their decision, such as convenience or a need for security or privacy. So, it is time to break through the physical boundaries of hospitals, and bring the hospital information(More)
Personal mobile devices and location based services are gaining popularity every day. Since the location based services are often customized based on the location information, it is important to securely generate, preserve, and validate the claim of presence at a given location at a given time as well as location provenance - the history of locations for a(More)
In such as a highly dynamic and open environment, it has become a challenge to deploy multiple context-sensitive services due to the unwillingness of service provider to share resources. This apprehension to share resources stems mainly from a lack of trust. Sometimes infrastructure plays pivotal role to solve this issue with dynamic access control to(More)