Munira Shabbir-Moosajee

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UNLABELLED INTRODUCTION Cisplatin is a platinum compound that has revolutionized the treatment of various solid organ tumors. Cisplatin is associated with a variety of side effects and has recently been indicted in the development of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome. Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome is a potentially reversible(More)
BACKGROUND Carcinoma of the male breast is responsible for less than 1% of all malignancies in men but the incidence is rising. Invasive ductal carcinoma is the most common histological subtype while invasive lobular carcinoma is responsible for only 1.5% of the total cases of which pleomorpic lobular carcinoma is an extremely rare variant. We report the(More)
Background. Early onset colorectal carcinoma (CRC) is rare and has been hypothesized to be a biologically and clinically distinct entity personifying aggressive disease and worse survival. Methods. Data for 131 patients was collected by retrospective chart review. Cox proportional hazard model was used to compute prevalence ratios and 95% confidence(More)
Vincristine, a type of vinca alkaloid, is widely used in the treatment of various childhood and adult malignancies. A well-known side effect of vincristine is its neurotoxicity and it is rarely indicted in vagus nerve involvement. Vincristine induced vocal cord palsy is a potentially reversible condition, with the mainstay of therapy being withdrawal of the(More)
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