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A class of cyclic balanced designs with ten test-hills is introduced; these designs can be repeated cyclically any number of times up to the requirement of the experimenter and subject to the availability of experimental material. The designs are balanced with respect to first order nearest neighbours and there are 26 isomorphism classes of such designs.(More)
In many experiments, the performance of a treatment is affected by the treatments applied to its adjacent plots. Neighbor-balanced designs ensure that treatment comparisons will be as little affected by neighbor effects as possible. Nearest neighbor designs have their own importance, therefore, these designs are presented in circular binary blocks of size 5(More)
The construction of balanced incomplete block designs is considered using the method of cyclic shifts. An interesting feature of this method is that there is no need to construct the bocks of the actual design to obtain the properties of a design. One can obtain the off-diagonal elements of the concurrence matrix from the sets of shifts with less effort. A(More)
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