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Exploring the empowerment status of women is a complex phenomenon especially within the multi-cultural and regional society of Pakistan, and it remains the focus of interest for investigators. The authoritative position of women is mainly dependent on a series of many different factors particularly when subjects under study are from rural areas. So, in this(More)
A class of cyclic balanced designs with ten test-hills is introduced; these designs can be repeated cyclically any number of times up to the requirement of the experimenter and subject to the availability of experimental material. The designs are balanced with respect to first order nearest neighbours and there are 26 isomorphism classes of such designs.(More)
Veevers and Boffey [1] identified 12 elementary balanced arrays. Zafar-Yab [2] confirmed the results of Veevers and Boffey [1] and investigated that among those 12 arrays, six arrays are unique and the other six are their associate partners. In this paper, there are 54 isomorphic classes containing 43-hills. Among these arrays 12 are vertically(More)
This paper considers the construction of generalized neighbor designs in circular blocks for several cases, which are useful in Serology. The initial blocks for the proposed designs are developed by using the method of cyclic shifts. Generalized neighbor designs are also constructed in linear blocks for v even. Catalogs of circular binary blocks generalized(More)
Designing and implementation of non-invasive methods for glucose monitoring in blood is main focus of biomedical scientists to provide a relief from skin puncturing of diabete patient. The objective of this research work is to investigate the shape deformations and the aggregation of red blood cells (RBCs) in the human blood after addition of three(More)
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The construction of balanced incomplete block designs is considered using the method of cyclic shifts. An interesting feature of this method is that there is no need to construct the bocks of the actual design to obtain the properties of a design. One can obtain the off-diagonal elements of the concurrence matrix from the sets of shifts with less effort. A(More)
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