Munir Ahmed

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OBJECTIVE The primary objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that the antiplatelet effects of loading dose of locally manufactured clopidogrel Lowplat referred as drug (B) 600 mg (8 tablets) given once is comparable to the antiplatelet effects of loading dose of foreign manufactured clopidogrel Plavix referred as drug (A) 600 mg (8 tablets)(More)
UNLABELLED WHAT'S KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT? AND WHAT DOES THE STUDY ADD?: A competent urologist should not only have effective technical skills, but also other attributes that would make him/her a complete surgeon. These include team-working, communication and decision-making skills. Although evidence for effectiveness of simulation exists for individual(More)
BACKGROUND Very little is known about female injecting drug users (IDU) in Bangladesh but anecdotal evidence suggests that they are hidden and very vulnerable to HIV through both their injection sharing and sexual risk behaviors. In order to better understand the risks and vulnerability to HIV of female IDU, a cohort study was initiated through which HIV(More)
AIMS To explore whether the low HIV prevalence observed in Bangladesh results from prevention activities, this study uses mathematical modelling to estimate the impact of a needle/syringe exchange intervention for injecting drug users (IDUs) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. DESIGN Epidemiological, behavioural and intervention monitoring data were used to(More)
BACKGROUND Germline mutations within DNA-repair genes are implicated in susceptibility to multiple forms of cancer. For prostate cancer (PrCa), rare mutations in BRCA2 and BRCA1 give rise to moderately elevated risk, whereas two of B100 common, low-penetrance PrCa susceptibility variants identified so far by genome-wide association studies implicate RAD51B(More)
Mixed lesion of Restrictive Cardiomyopathy and Constrictive Pericarditis is a rarely reported clinical entity which poses a diagnostic and therapeutic enigma to physicians. The management of both conditions differs markedly. Restrictive Cardiomyopathy is managed either conservatively or cardiac transplant may be offered. On the other hand, Constrictive(More)
Aim: To determine the efficacy of limbal conjunctival autograft as compared to conventional bare sclera technique in the prevention of recurrence of pterygium. Material and methods: The study was carried out at Ch. Rehmat Ali Memorial Trust Hospital Lahore from Aug 2008 to May 2011. All the patients with pterygia were randomly divided into two groups with(More)
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