Munir Ahmed

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—Using information systems effectively requires an understanding of the organisation, management, and the technology shaping the systems. All information systems can be described as organisational and management solutions to challenges posed by the environment. The advances in information systems have affect on our day-to day lives. As the technology is(More)
BACKGROUND Very little is known about female injecting drug users (IDU) in Bangladesh but anecdotal evidence suggests that they are hidden and very vulnerable to HIV through both their injection sharing and sexual risk behaviors. In order to better understand the risks and vulnerability to HIV of female IDU, a cohort study was initiated through which HIV(More)
  • Ameera Al-Rehili, Dalal Al-Juhani, Maha Al-Maimani, Munir Ahmed
  • 2012
This paper shows benefits, analysis, design, and testing of a desktop application which is able to translate English text to Arabic text, pronounce English and/or Arabic text, and recognize the English speech to convert it then into a corresponding English text, to help users to complete their tasks easily especially those with special needs.
—With the increasing number of vehicles in use in our daily life and the rise of traffic congestion problems, many methods and models have been developed for real time optimisation of traffic lights. Nevertheless, most methods which consider real time physical queue sizes of vehicles waiting for green lights overestimate the optimal cycle length for such(More)
Information technology forms an important part of the healthcare solution. Accurate and up-to-date information is essential to continuous quality improvement in any organization, and particularly so in an area as complex as healthcare. Therefore, diverse information systems must be integrated across the healthcare enterprise. The knowledge base in the(More)
This paper uses as case study a discussion mailing list created in January 2000 by a group of the Somali Diaspora. The mailing list, known as Somali Open Forum, was formed to give its members an interactive online discussion that provoked and stimulated online discussion and sharing of viewpoints ─ an underpinning of classic conflict transformation. The(More)
Modern diesel fuel injection system (common rail and pump-nozzle-units) requires the reference of crank angles, engine speed and load to estimate the two parameters: crank angle at the start of fuel injection and amount of fuel to inject for a diesel engine. Measurement of engine speed of a combustion engine is carried out by sensor wheels mounted on the(More)
Warrant price prediction is very important to investment. Support vector regression technique is a learning procedure based on statistical learning theory, which employs the training data to build an excellent forecasting model in the situations of small sample. The prediction ability of support vector regression is influenced by its training parameters.(More)