Munir Ahmad

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Classification is an important task in data mining. Classification is about organizing data into relevant nodes in taxonomy. In scientific domain, classification of documents to predefined category (ies) is an important research problem and supports number of tasks such as: information retrieval, finding experts, recommender systems etc. In Computer(More)
Semantic cache enhances the capability of conventional (page/tuple) cache by adopting the dynamic strategy to group the contents and semantics of already processed queries. Query processing and cache management are two major activities for semantic caching. Semantic caching demands efficient, correct and complete algorithms to process incoming queries.(More)
The goal of this study is to evaluate the effects of intermediate megavoltage (3-MV) photon beams on SBRT lung cancer treatments. To start with, a 3-MV virtual beam was commissioned on a commercial treatment planning system based on Monte Carlo simulations. Three optimized plans (6-MV, 3-MV and dual energy of 3- and 6-MV) were generated for 31 lung cancer(More)
Keywords: Bivariate distributions Generalized gamma distributions Inverse Mellin transform Moment generating function Moments a b s t r a c t A bivariate gamma-type density function involving a confluent hypergeometric function of two variables is being introduced. The inverse Mellin transform technique is employed in conjunction with the transformation of(More)
Mobile devices and apps have become an essential part of our daily life activities. Multi-touch gesture interaction directly on the touch screen is one of the most common ways to interact with mobile devices. However, in special circumstances (e.g., disabilities, wet hands, wearing heavy gloves outside in cold weather, etc.) it is difficult to interact(More)
Emission tomographic image reconstruction is an ill-posed problem due to limited and noisy data and various image-degrading effects affecting the data and leads to noisy reconstructions. Explicit regularization, through iterative reconstruction methods, is considered better to compensate for reconstruction-based noise. Local smoothing and edge-preserving(More)
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