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Introduction Most segment based stereo methods estimate disparity by modeling color segments as 3-D planes [2]. Inherently, such methods are sensitive to segmentation parameters and intolerant to segmentation errors. Two main dependencies of these methods on the underlying seg-mentation algorithm are: size of segments used for estimating planes, and(More)
The widespread use of hand held devices having video recording capabilities has made video capture prevalent. However, unwanted hand motion during capture introduces jerks which hampers the video viewing experience. In this paper, a robust method for global motion estimation between frames is presented. The algorithm estimates the rotation, scale and(More)
We present a hierarchical method for estimating pixel resolution disparity from a raw Plenoptic 2.0 light field capture. Accurate pixel resolution disparity is essential for reconstruction of a high quality conventional image, and also for various applications that depend on disparity, like object segmentation, bokeh etc. Most light field disparity(More)
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