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First chemical study of patagonian nudibranchs: A new seco-11, 12-spongiane, tyrinnal, from the defensive organs of tyrinna nobilis
The Patagonian nudibranch Tyrinna nobilis contains a number of terpenoids, the novel seco-11,12-spongiane tyrinnal and the known sesquiterpenoids dendrolasin, pallescensin A, and dehydropallescens in-2, thus suggesting a parallelism between the ecological relationships of T.nobilis and those of mollusks of genus Cadlina. Expand
New minor diterpenoid diacylglycerols from the skin of the nudibranch anisodoris fontaini
Five new minor metabolites, anisodorins 1-5 (1-5), along with the already reported 6 and 7, have been isolated and chemically characterized and the structure and the relative stereochemistry have been determined by spectroscopic means, while the absolute stereochemistries for 2-5 are suggested to be the same as for the biogenetically related major compounds 6 and7. Expand
Marcus , 1958 from Argentina : Redescription and Comparison to Rostanga pulchra MacFarland , 1905 ( Mollusca , Nudibranchia , Doridina ) ' " ^ ^ ' ^ 7 2000
Rostanga byga Marcus, 1958 is redescribed based on the examination of the t>pe material and newly collected specimens from Golfo San Jose, Chubut, Argentina. The external coloration, radularExpand