Muni V. Reddy

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, Abstract – The energy stored at the output can be retrieved by the reversing the current source direction discharging process instead of dissipation in NMOS network. Hence adiabatic switching offers the less energy dissipation in PMOS network and reuse the stored energy in the output capacitance by reversing the current source direction. There are the(More)
Number-theoretic rules are particularly suited for the approximation of multi-dimensional integrals in which the integrands are periodic. When the integrands are not periodic, then a vertex-modiied variant has been proposed. An error bound for such vertex-modiied rules is based on a simple generalization of the L2 discrepancy. In s dimensions these(More)
— A full adder circuit is one of the basic building blocks of a digital design. In general it is made by CMOS technology. In the CMOS technology the full adder is built by 28 transistors. So, the transistor count is very high. The average power consumption, leakage power consumption and delay is very high. In this paper we take a circuit which is made by(More)
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