Muni S. Srivastava

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Discussion Papers are a series of manuscripts in their draft form. They are not intended for circulation or distribution except as indicated by the author. For that reason Discussion Papers may not be reproduced or distributed without the written consent of the author. ABSTRACT In this article, we consider the problem of testing the equality of mean vectors(More)
This article analyzes whether the existing tests for the p × p covariance matrix Σ of the N independent identically distributed observation vectors with N ≤ p work under non-normality. We focus on three hypotheses testing problems: (1) testing for sphericity, that is, the covariance matrix Σ is proportional to an identity matrix I p ; (2) the covariance(More)
AMS subject classification: primary 60K35 secondary 62J99 Keywords: Missing data Nonresponse Jackknife variance estimation Bootstrap Multiple and single imputation Regression model Resampling Comparison of confidence intervals a b s t r a c t The problem of imputing missing observations under the linear regression model is considered. It is assumed that(More)