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Wireless Sensor Networks are the networks consist of small, battery powered sensor nodes with limited procuring storage & radio capability. In hierarchal routing, cluster heads are responsible for transmitting data to the Base Station by receiving data from normal nodes. But in Stable Election Protocol, heterogeneous architecture is used .In heterogeneous(More)
— Users of a Web site usually perform their interest-oriented actions by clicking or visiting Web pages, which are traced in access log files. Clustering Web user access patterns may capture common user interests to a Web site, and in turn, build user profiles for advanced Web applications, such as Web caching and prefetching. The conventional Web usage(More)
An analytical model is proposed to improve the performance of emergency message broadcast in VANET that supports both highly dense and sparse traffic conditions. In this paper we propose (i)IEEE 802.11p WAVE mode, that reduces the connection setup overhead (ii)priority schemes for three levels of safety service (iii)D-FPAV congestion control algorithm that(More)
Intelligent Transportation System involves emergency message exchange between the vehicles to avoid the accidents. In this paper we give a brief overview of ways to improve the performance of safety message delivery in VANET. First we study about the MAC protocols used in VANET for the communication between the vehicles. In the existing system AD-HOC MAC(More)
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