Muneo Yamada

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BACKGROUND Attachment of leukemic cells to vascular endothelial cells induces the vascular endothelial cells to release endothelial cell-derived interleukin 8 (endothelial IL-8), which then induces leukemic cells to undergo apoptosis. NB4, a human promyelocytic leukemic cell line that expresses high levels of cell-surface CD13/aminopeptidase N, does not(More)
Drowsy driving is one of the factors that leads to a fatal car accident and also a serious problem we combat for extermination. Caution-advisory indicators and alarm sounds are the most general approached to prevent drowsy driving. However these visual and auditory information are excessive enough to alert drivers. This study aims to focus on olfactory(More)
Methods of presenting fragrances have been proposed as a means of preventing drivers from dozing and helping them remain alert. However, the stimulation effects of fragrances and their durations have yet to be evaluated sufficiently. In addition, it is necessary to consider the decrease in sensitivity that results as the driver adapts to a fragrance. We(More)
SUMMARY There is no clear criterion yet for evaluating wipers based on performances of wiping raindrops and visibility in forward view. In the visibility evaluation in rainy driving, it is important to examine spatial frequency and contrast of objects in forward view. Spatial frequency and contrast of image which were affected by raindrops are calculated(More)
Japan is about to become a super-aging society. It is estimated that one out of four persons will be a senior citizen aged 65 or older in 2015 and some eight percent will have dementia. There has been an increase of serious traffic accidents in the past few years such as by drivers suspected of having dementia driving in the opposite lane on highways.(More)
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