Munenori Ogura

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In this paper, we propose a new random-valued impulse noise detector from images using level detection. In our method, we use directional windows in order to search a level region in the images. One window whose variation is lowest is selected as a flat window from multi directional windows. In a flat window, random-valued impulse noise may move to the both(More)
A highly dispersive mirror for dispersion compensation in femtosecond lasers is designed by inverse spectral theory. The design of a simple quarter-wave Bragg reflector can be modified by moving the poles in the optical impedance found in the photonic stop band. These spectral quantities are used as independent variables in the numerical optimization(More)
We introduce a new mathematical method, based on the inverse spectral theory of Gel'fand and Levitan, of designing dispersive coatings for use in femtosecond lasers. We fabricated an example in AlGaAs by metal-organic chemical-vapor deposition. The mirror has a high value of group delay dispersion over a bandwidth of 10 nm, reaching an extreme of -1200(More)
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