Muneichiro Sumi

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We examined the effects of the odors from mother's milk, other mother's milk and formula milk on pain responses in newborns undergoing routine heelsticks. Forty-eight healthy infants were assigned to four groups, an own mother's breast milk odor group (Own MM), another mother's breast milk odor group (Other MM), a formula milk odor group (Formula M) and a(More)
© 2009 Japan Pediatric Society Noonan syndrome (NS; MIM No.163950) is autosomal dominant disorder characterized by short stature, cardiovascular defects, and dysmorphological features, including hypertelorism, a webbed neck, a pectus excavatum and cuvitus valgus. Mental retardation and hearing diffi culty are often observed in affected individuals.(More)
BACKGROUND Intrauterine inflammation has been associated with preterm birth and neonatal complications. Few reports have comprehensively investigated multiple cytokine profiles in cord blood and precisely identified surrogate markers for intrauterine inflammation. AIM To identify the cytokines and surrogate markers associated with intrauterine(More)