Muneera Chowdhury

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The motivation behind fusing multimodality, multiresolution images is to create a single image with improved interpretability. In this paper, we propose a novel multimodality Medical Image Fusion (MIF) method, based on Ripplet Transform Type-I (RT) for spatially registered, multi-sensor, multi-resolution medical images. RT is a new Multi-scale Geometric(More)
In this research, we propose a secure multi-modal biometric authentication that will have cancellable property. Cloud servers need to have the confidential information mobile and ready in case of cancellation so that the same user can authenticate or identify using the same authentication process when joining to other clouds. However, a cloud server needs(More)
Damage mitigation of critical infrastructures onset of an earthquake is a very important matter. In our work, we developed an earthquake warning and protection system through P-wave sensing that detects earliest onset of an earthquake before damaging ground shaking occurs. Our approach captures Pwave using redundant channels (dual sensors) and minimizes the(More)
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