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The liberalization of the energy markets, combined with the drive towards a low-carbon economy, has led to the development of the concept of the smart grid. The smart grid is an energy distribution network that enables real-time information exchange for monitoring, control and protection of energy equipment as well as the physical transfer of energy. When(More)
Volatility and change has been the hallmark of technology, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is not immune to such challenges. Despite these factors, ERP has certain features that make it an excellent vehicle for the pedagogical process. This research investigates the skills imparted by using ERP systems in teaching and compares these against the(More)
—We propose a peer-to-peer system for streaming user-generated live video. Peers are arranged in levels so that video is delivered at about the same time to all peers in the same level, and peers in a higher level watch the video before those in a lower level. We encode the video bitstream with rateless codes and use trees to transmit the encoded symbols.(More)
Packet switched video telephony over wireless networks for hand-held devices requires low-delay, low-complexity error control mechanisms to deal with packet loss. We present an efficient solution for 3G networks based on LT coding, reference picture selection, and cross-layer optimization. Experimental results on a 3G network simulator for H.264 compressed(More)
In this paper, it is argued that some low-level aspects of the usual IEC 61850 mapping to Ethernet are not well suited to microgrids due to their dynamic nature and geographical distribution as compared to substations. It is proposed that the integration of IEEE time-sensitive networking (TSN) concepts (which are currently implemented as audio video(More)
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