Munazza Alam

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A series of polyimide-clay-siloxane hybrid films with siloxane content up to 50% were successfully prepared by the sol-gel reaction of diethoxydimethylsilane (DEDMS) in the presence of poly(amic acid). XRD indicated that the organically modified montmorillonite(OMMT) layers were exfoliated and dispersed into the poly(amide acid) and polyimide film. The(More)
We present Kepler, Spitzer Space Telescope, Gemini-North, MMT, and Kitt Peak observations of the L1 dwarf WISEP J190648.47+401106.8. We find that the Kepler optical light curve is consistent in phase and amplitude over the nearly two years of monitoring with a peak-to-peak amplitude of 1.4%. Spitzer Infrared Array Camera 3.6 μm observations are in phase(More)
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