Munazah Andrabi

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BACKGROUND DNA recognition by proteins is one of the most important processes in living systems. Therefore, understanding the recognition process in general, and identifying mutual recognition sites in proteins and DNA in particular, carries great significance. The sequence and structural dependence of DNA-binding sites in proteins has led to the(More)
In this review, we take a survey of bioinformatics databases and quantitative structure-activity relationship studies reported in published literature. Databases from the most general to special cancer-related ones have been included. Most commonly used methods of structure-based analysis of molecules have been reviewed, along with some case studies where(More)
Background: Transcription factors (TFs) recognize small DNA sequence motifs directly or through their sequence-­‐dependent structure. While sequence composition and degeneracy are verified to be the defining factors of TF binding specificity, the role of conformational dynamics of the DNA remains poorly understood. With growing evidence from next generation(More)
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