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An approach to rapid soil testing which involved the use of simple solvent extraction methods was developed. The analytes of interest were priority pollutants of low water solubility which could not be readily removed from the soil using water. Direct toxicity testing of the soil samples by Microtox showed a high background toxicity which prevented(More)
Solid state regenerative amplifiers have proved to be a reliable source for producing stable millijoule pulses as short as a few picoseconds at repetition rates ranging from a few hertz to several kilohertz. Here we report on the operation of a cw pumped Nd:YLF regenerative amplifier that uses a convex-concave design to optimize output energy and stability(More)
National Center of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, University of Sindh 76080, Jamshoro 76080, Pakistan Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Laboratories, Karachi 75280, Pakistan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Abstract This work(More)
Five acid soils of Hawaii, having histories of heavy P applications were equilibrated with graded quantities of Zn. Amounts of adsorbed Zn were extracted with a single extraction of 0.005M DTPA. The data indicated that most of the added Zn was in available form. Prior P applications either had no effect on recovery or slightly increased it. The results(More)
A new simple sensitive differential pulse polarographic (DPP) method was investigated for the determination of acrylamide (AA) directly in a neutral aqueous solution. The AA showed a well-defined and well-resolved peak in pure aqueous LiCl at -1.84V in the potential range from -1.6V to -1.97V at nitrogen pressure of 0.5kgcm(-2). Among the various(More)
A faster, simpler and sensitive method was developed for determination of aliphatic phthalates using differential pulse polarography (DPP) as standard technique. The choice and concentration of base electrolyte, solvent, initial potential, effect of water addition and interference by other phthalates were the main parameters to optimize for enhancement of(More)
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