Munan Yin

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—The reconfigurable design problem is to find the element that will result in a sector pattern main beam with side lobes. The same excitation amplitudes apply to the array with zero-phase that should be in a high directivity, low side lobe pencil shaped main beam. Multi-beam antenna arrays have important applications in communications and radar. This paper(More)
— Optical tweezers use a tightly focused laser beam to trap dielectric micro-object. Haptic optical tweezers integrate a robotic haptic device into the system to control trap positions and in the meantime feedback forces. This technique opens a broad reaching applications by providing direct and intuitive interactions during micromanipulation. However, 1(More)
We describe a time-line-based methodology for collecting exposure data for epidemiologic studies and for processing these data for statistical analysis with readily available software for the personal computer. The four components to this approach are: (1) collecting data in a memory-enhancing time-line format; (2) entering data from time lines into a(More)
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